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About arges

The story behind Arges

The couple Lisbet and Flemming are behind the development of Argess bedside lamp. For the past 15 years, they have run a store focusing on the Nordic wellness trends for the bedroom, especially focusing on bedding. The store is located in the heart of the Frederiksberg district right in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark

The bedroom has gained greater and greater priority in recent years and is without doubt the most important space for the body’s recovery. This applies to both rest and relaxation and of course the absolutely essential nights sleep.

With their many years of experience in Nordic bedroom trends, Lisbet and Flemming have created Arges’ bedside lamp. A lamp that is of the highest quality, has a clear Nordic design and at the same time has a number of functional properties.

Arges bedside lamp is included with its simple Nordic design and the unique tilt function, as a completely natural supplement to the bedroom’s function and well-being:

  • Arges bedside lamp is designed and produced in the Nordic countries
  • The bedside lamp is designed with an eye for efficient mounting on most beds.
  • Arges bedside lamp is mounted on the bed itself, and therefore headboards are no obstacle. Nor is a bedside table a necessity.
  • Installation is simple and does not require a visit from an electrician.
  • The lamp bracket is made in a solid and durable quality. The light source is with the latest LED
    technology. Dimmable function is built-in.

Sustainability and consideration for the environment is a key factor for Lisbet and Flemming, and therefore it is a completely conscious choice to only work with European producers in Portugal, Germany and Sweden. EU environmental requirements are among the highest for producers worldwide.